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805 eBook: Not Safe but Good, why it's important to read your Bible in chronological order and how to do it

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Obviously, this isn't a printable, but it is so important, I'm including it on all my websites, online stores, and social media.

It is an eBook about and then schedules for reading (or listening) to your Bible in chronological order.

It is obvious that our world and our lives face many challenges today and God's Word is the only source of wisdom, strength, and encouragement to help us in this. But we must be careful that we don't distort the Bible and pull verses out of it here and there to mean whatever we want them to mean. Reading the Bible in chronological order and reading the whole book is the best way to read it correctly. 

My Bible805 ministry has a podcast and links to other resources, videos, and blogs on this, but the most important part of all of it, is to encourage your to read your Bible. Below is more about why it should be done in chronological order. The eBook is free.

Here is more of a description of it:

For any book to make sense you need to read it in the order the events happened that the book talks about. That seems pretty obvious.

But that isn’t how our Bibles are organized and that is a major reason that trying to read through the Bible can be confusing. But there is another way!

This eBook explains why we are in the situation we are in and the many ways reading our Bibles in Chronological, Historical Order (the order things happened) will benefit us and help us to grow in our Christian lives.

In addition to the text part of the book, also included are both dated and numbered schedules for reading through the Bible in chronological order and journal pages you can print to record thoughts, insights, and prayers related to your reading. 

To encourage as many as possible to read their Bible in this way, this eBook is available for free. You also have my permission to make as many copies as you want for your church, small group, or anyone you want to encourage to read God's Word. Please tell others it is available.

You will get a PDF (6MB) file
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