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This saying by Martin Luther King is a continuously needed reminder in our Christian lives where we often need to step out in faith even though we don't know for certain what will happen next. We do know that ultimately we will be safe and eternally with our Lord but we do worry about the steps in between. 

Fortunately, we don't step out in blind faith. Our faith has an object--our totally trustworthy God, who sees every step of our future and works out all things for our good and His glory. We may not always choose the path or the timing but we choose to trust our God when we step out in faith "even though we can't see the whole staircase."

There is another image of this quote with a picture background (CLICK HERE to go to it), but I did this one in a variety of colors (I like things color-coordinated) if you want it in plain text. 

The format isn't what is most important--faith in our Faithful God is what matters and I pray this image will remind you of that. 


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