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Welcome to the Bibleverse Shop

This shop gives you a universe of Bible-inspired images (verses and sayings) that you can use for gifts, conversation starters, and ministry motivation for you and your church.


NO prints or frames are sent. These are digital files and you make the final creation in the size and form you want. You can download and share directly on social media or print out, put into inexpensive frames, or have printed at a professional printer or online and share at every imaginable size and resolutions, from 5x7, 8x10 print at homes sizes, to large posters 24x36.


Though you can buy individual files to try them out at 1.99 each (or try a free file, these change periodically), the best deal is to buy a yearly subscription at $36 for UNLIMITED files and copies you can make—that way you have access to all the files 24/7 and you can use them however or whenever you want.


I use these printables all the time for birthday gifts, holidays, or whenever I feel someone needs encouragement or motivation. I use them as reminders for myself to keep focused on living for God. I keep an assortment of frames from the Dollar Store on hand for this and having access to this collection, I always have something to print out and share.


The Bibleverse Shop makes them available for you to do that also—download one of the free files to try them out and be encouraged today!

Check out the short video below for an overview of the site!

Choose Your North Star Wisely


Faith taking the first step


Christmas Angel, Children's Room Prayer


Only One Life Single Single Image


The Road to Life is a Disciplined Life


MLK Sayings, set #1


Fathers, turned by love


Godly Father Acronym


805 eBook: Not Safe but Good, why it's important to read your Bible in chronological order and how to do it


About the author, Yvon Prehn

Through the many jobs, adventures, and challenges in my life, I’ve done two things consistently— taught the Bible and helped church communicators—reflected in the Bible805 and Effective Church Communications ministries. This shop combines my love of God’s Word, an eternal viewpoint, and my desire to express it in artistic ways. I’ve personally created images like these for my encouragement and as gifts and now I hope to share them so others can do the same.